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Internet of Things

  • HOME AUTOMATION- Controlling and monitoring home appliances through remote devices (mobiles, web apps, Wi-Fi & bluetooth).
  • HOME SECURITY - cut down the development time with drag-and-drop website builder. Drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required. Try it now!
  • WEB BASED CONTROL for HOME, OFFICE & BUILDING - Continuous and real time Monitoring and accessing individual . Business Centre for gas leak, fire and intruders to security station. Through web. sending alerts through SMS and Email.
  • SUPPORT DEVICES for PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED PERSONS - Medication alerts, emergency (panic button), real time monitoring .          Through web, monitoring of health parameters of patient/old age peoples.
  • MONITOR & SECURITY of CHILD at HOME - Real time monitoring through web, monitoring of health parameters of Child.
  • SMART CAMPUS, SMART CITY PROJECT - Light control, waste management, traffic monitoring, noise monitoring, weather, parking information, water supply etc.
  • M2M CONTROL & AUTOMATION - Machine monitoring for health/working status for production, maintenance, machine control.

Process Control & Automation

  • SMART TIMERS - Range(milliseconds to hours), control options, ON delay, OFF delay, duration, all information will be available remotely.
  • COUNTERS / TOTALIZERS - Object counters ranges between few hundreds to few thousands . Display options available- led, lcd, oled, tft etc. Various sizes available in DIN standards.
  • ACTUATORS, POSITION CONTROL & SAFETY INTERLOCKS -Use of relays, solenoids, valves, robotic arms with capacitive,  inductive, optical devices for position controlling as well as with safety interlocks.
  • MOTOR CONTROLLER for DC, AC, STEPPER, BLDC & SERVOMOTOR - For various industrial applications . Speed, direction, start, stop, halt and position control. Custom drives for motor controls.
  • INDICATORS & CONTROLLERS - Indicators & controllers for speed, position, pressure, flow,  force, temperature, level etc. Programmable limits and alarms and warning systems.

Data Acquisition system

  • monitoring and storing the data of multiple channels locally and remotely.  Warning and alarms monitoring and control for each channel
  • Storing data and warning system alerts using cloud services

Pollution Monitoring Equipments

  • Pocket, Hand held, Continues Monitoring wall mounting & Rack mounting for multichannel gas monitoring
  • Explosive gas monitoring & warning System for safety  In tanks, mining, petroleum refineries & Plants 
  • Toxic Gas monitoring for safety of various gases such as                                                                                                       CL2, NOX, SO2, CO, HCL, HCN, NH3 etc
  • Oxygen Monitoring for safety & air quality & Purity
  • Applications in mining explorations, tunnel, hospitals etc

Embedded Systems

  • Multi Channel DAS System
  •  Hand Held Health Monitor
  • Smart security System
  • Automatic vacuums cleaner
  • Safety Lock for Vehicle
  • Safety system for school vehicle
  • Finger Print based attendance system
  • Air Quality Monitor & control

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